next stop: home.

to all the beautiful new mamas and mamas-to-be, i only have one bit of advice: cherish it all. cherish the early morning feedings and the projectile poop on the curtains. frame the crayon drawings on the newly painted walls. smile at every fully loaded diaper tossed in the trash – that means you’re feeding and hydrating your baby well. hold your babies every second you can, echoing their gentle coos. squeeze their hands a little tighter as you skip through the park. build the muscle needed to do the underdog swing push if that’s what makes them giggle. be very involved in their daily learning and let them have a part in everything. be intentional about creating an environment where your child can make real childhood memories.

because you never know if you’ll come too close to knowing what it’s like to lose them.

i know how easy it is to beat yourself up for having moments of doubt, but remember you pushed a human being out of your vagina. you got this. even you single mamas out there, the ones i’m really talking to here. don’t believe anyone who says you deserve your guilt. we do what we think is best for our kids at the time, but just like them we’re not going to get it right the first time, or every time. what matters is that we learn, we grow, and we move forward. this will be a daily occurrence. i wish i had believed in myself the way i do now this time three years ago. now i know that courage only can grow when watered with darkness. we all have our pasts, our children will one day have theirs, but every soul is redeemable and worth loving. let’s love on our babies today and for as long as we live. and no matter where they may go in life, may they always know that home is where we are.



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